We have arrived safely in North Pole. I must get to work and be efficient in the morning so I can be sociable in the afternoon. Therefore, I shall post more later, during not-work-hours. :)

11 thoughts on “alaska

  1. I hope you haven’t seen “30 Days of Night” yet.

    Say hi to Santa for me! Take lots of piccies!

  2. *laugh* I grew up in Alaska. I have no intention of seeing 30 Days, partly because I don’t like horror, but mostly because I’m quite sure the Imaginary Alaska in it would just annoy me. :)

  3. Alaska in November? *shiver*

    On the other hand, the New Zealander the other side of my desk is going to Iceland this weekend, and that’s probably further north that you are, so darker.

    Yeah, about that, make sure you don’t accidentally fly back to the wrong country. It’s horrifying how much difference a single letter can make.

  4. D’oh! That’s right… I had momentarily unremembered that you and he met at UAF. :-)

  5. Apparently, Barrow has the pipeline, and planes don’t fly in or out when it’s dark. *snerf* I still want to see it.

  6. You’re in commute distance! We must get together at some point! How long will you be here? I have a few days off next week, would you like to get together at my house and type on NaNo stuff and have lunch or some such?

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