All Hail the Nose!

Oh, that was wonderful. That was beautiful.

Laura Anne Gilman, who is another Luna author (among other things), has a Methos icon on her livejournal. I saw it and posted, “You have a Methos icon. I love you.”

She responded: Is it not a thing of beauty? All Hail the Nose!

*SHRIEKS OF LAUGHTER* Yes! Yes! All Hail the Nose! There’s someone else out there who *understands*! I ought to ask her what she thinks of Adrian Brody… *laugh*! Oh, that made my morning. *beam*

In other news, I got 1300 words written this morning and 850 on Saturday, which wasn’t quite what I’d been aiming for on Saturday, but we also had birthday shopping (HAPPY MOM DAY! although a little late now!) and cake baking and lasagna-making to do, so it was a pretty busy day. We had a really nice evening, too. Mom and Dad came over, and Ted’s friends Paul and Robin and Beth, and we ate a lot and enjoyed ourselves. :)

Yesterday, I had plans. I was going to do some writing, then maybe go to a movie, and go to the gym, and do some editing/critiquing for GPA and read Trip’s WiP so he could pick my brain.

Instead, I sat down to read the Locus magazine which has MY NAME IN IT AHAHAHAHA ahem and got pinned down by Zilli. I pleaded with my husband to rescue me, by way of giving me a book to read so I didn’t have to disturb the cat and yet would have something to do, and started reading SUNSHINE, by Robin McKinley.

You might guess, at this point, that I didn’t get any writing done yesterday.

Man. I love Robin McKinley’s books in general, but SUNSHINE was one of those, “Why do I even bother trying to write” kinds of reads. It was *incredibly* good. Waugh! Waugh again! Waugh thrice!

I did go to a movie–Calendar Girls–which was very cute indeed, and I did go to the gym, and walked 4 miles. Yay!

ytd wordcount: 30,850
miles to Rivendell: 372


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