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5:48am is too early. I’m just sayin’.

The nice man who was coming to lay the carpet yesterday morning didn’t show up until 5pm. It only took him an hour to do the job, but it pretty well obliterated getting any unpacking done yesterday. We moved 3 bookshelves back into the dining room and put the table together, but otherwise, well, after that we watched Castle and Defiance.

We think the basic idea behind Defiance came from somebody watching House and thinking, “Hey, yeah, ‘everybody lies’, that’s a great premise to do a SF show on!” :)

Here are some awesome fireworks photos. :)

(3 hours later, since apparently i forgot to hit post)

I have unloaded most. Not all. But most. of the books. Into one location, rather than spread out all over the house as the bookcases were in the last house.

We have too goddamned many books. All together like this they are oppressive, and I’m also all sweaty from moving them. Possibly this very moment is the right time to viciously cull them, because I am sore and overheated and never, ever ever ever ever ever want to move them again.

OTOH, I found my copies of THE HIDDEN LAND and THE WHIM OF THE DRAGON, so that was a win. :)

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  1. If I put all of my books into one location, one room, there would be no room for the room. The critical mass would collapse the universe and create a discontinuity in space-time that not even the last remaining Timelord could ever hope to set aright.

    You, my dear, do not have too many books.

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