almost there…

Presents almost wrapped. Laundry almost done. House almost clean (largely thanks to Ted, who is wonderful). Candy almost finished (I made an *insanely* good batch of fudge last night. Oh, and joy of joys, I’ve finally learned how to make toffee! I was missing the critical step of turning the heat up after the butter is melted! Having done that, the first batch I tried turned out PERFECTLY! This after *years* of frustration and bad toffee! I am *so* pleased!).

The shopping is finished in the “I don’t care if something vital has been forgotten, I’m never leaving the house again” sense. Yesterday afternoon in Cork was utter madness. Just utter madness. Everyone was pleasant, but ye gods. Fortunately, we were able to get everything we needed for feeding everybody for the next three days.

Gotta make dough for the pizza. Gotta make another batch of fudge (net result of the Explosion of Marshmallow Creme, btw: 9 cups from the recipe that said it made 2 pints. ahahah. :)). Gotta make the doughuts (Ted’s making the danishes, so I don’t hafta worry about doughnuts). If I had coconut and unsweetened chocolate I’d make coconut joys, but I don’t, which is kind of sad, ’cause I love those. Oh well. Next year.

Last night on the train there was a couple sitting across from us; he was from Spain and she was Irish. For the first half of the train ride she spoke English to him and he spoke Spanish to her, with her periodically breaking into Spanish. For the second half of the ride, she mostly spoke Spanish, too. I could understand a good half of what she said in Spanish, and not one single word of what he said. *laugh* Had it not become clear they were living in Spain and just up for the holidays to visit her family, I might’ve tried talking to them so I could meet some people I could practice Spanish with. Ah well. :)

I’ve gotten about five final-pencils pages of issue #3 from Ardian. So. *Pretty*!

arright. Got to go back and finish wrapping. I picked up a cold somewhere in the last couple days, so focus is not my strong suit right now. I hope I shake it before the end of the year, as I’ve got another 4200 words to write and I hate writing when I’m sick. @.@

Probably won’t be around much the next few days, as the fambly will be here. So Merry Christmas to everyone! I hope you have wonderful holidays!

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