and i’m off! (heh heh)

Okay. I think I have everything I need. I have a passport, a flight schedule, and a toothbrush, and although none of those items is a towel, they’re still probably the absolute basics of what I need to get to Pi-Con. I have a number of other things, too, but those are the ones that seem critical. :)

I’ve got no idea whether I’ll be blogging from the con or not, so there may be Vast And Terrible Silence from me for *counts on fingers* four whole days. Be brave. :)

Remind me, when I get back, to talk about the pizza plants and rolling dykes. :)

And, the last thing I’ll leave you with: reveals the truth about where writers get their ideas with a candid aura-photograph of C.E. Murphy.

13 thoughts on “and i’m off! (heh heh)

  1. My goodness. Is that a small space parasite on your head in that picture?

  2. Have fun! We expect full uneditted report when you return. You know what I’m talking about!

  3. Oh well, at least they make your brain large and tasty. Hold still for just a sec…

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