and it’s betsy for the win!

Just got back from the city, where the only shopping I did was to buy another bag to put all the books my editors gave me in. Harlequin loaded me up, but I gotta say it’s Betsy Mitchell for the win with an advance copy of Naomi Novik’s EMPIRE OF IVORY, fourth book in her Temeraire series. Bwahaha. I know what I’m reading on the plane tonight. :) Also: OMG. The foreign translations of Naomi’s books look so awesome. The Korean one is *gorgeous*. So jealous! But not really. I don’t even know her, but I’m terribly pleased for her. :)

For being stuck, it’s been a pretty good day. I met a bunch of people at Del Rey, and met the new head editor at Luna, and only got lost on the subway twice, where ‘lost’ means ‘I went the wrong direction’. And now I’m going to the airport really early so that I can be damned sure to get on that plane and go *home*!

20 thoughts on “and it’s betsy for the win!

  1. Just liked to say that Naomi Novik has an LJ as well under the nick naominovik .

    I’ve been on the outlook for your books in Belgium, but so far I haven’t detected one to my great disappointment.

  2. Wow! What happened??

    But glad NYC was kind to you. She’s a good town that way. ^_^

  3. So when I get to go with my wife to editors offices they seem to have lots of extra copies of books just lying around. This usually leads to have you seen/read this one yet. We would answer no and well then we would get a copy of the book. This is probably what happened at Del Rey. I Imagine that Naomi Novik does not need a review from Catie. :) Although I am sure she would be happy to do one if asked. :)

  4. Novik 4?!?! That is quick work. I’d beg to borrow it but had better beg for books 2 and 3 first or I might be taking my spoilerific soul to incomprehensible extremes.

  5. Because I’ve managed somehow to lose your email.

    Anyway, you know that party at WFC that we’re planning? Well, we’re actually starting to get semi-organized about it and Jennifer (or me) needs a quality file of the cover that you want to appear on the postcard we’re producing to advertise the event, and for the back of the t-shirt. We’re all using the most recent cover art, or the upcoming-really-soon cover art.

    Zombies Need Brains!

  6. 1) wheee you are back in ireland
    2) I’ve finished the strongbox chronicles…..
    3) hope you had a good time

  7. Quality file, quality file, quality file…how big a quality file are we talking about here? Lemme check to see what I’ve got, and I’ll email my editor to see if she’s got the PDF somewhere, ’cause I don’t think I’ve got one for the finalized cover. I’ll email you in a minute. Or before I go to bed. Probably. O.O :)

  8. Yeah, they put the first three out back to back to back last summer, and the fourth is out in October. And I’m halfway through it and full of squee. I had just reached the moment of Utter Doom when we landed at Shannon, so I’m wriggling in anticipation of finishing it later today. :)

    I can probably see fit to lend you books two and three. One at a time, though, so I am forced to see you more than once! :)

  9. Yeah, I was just too lazy/in too much of a hurry to type out the LJ link code. :)

  10. Something that when reproduced at 1/6 postcard size, doesn’t look blurred out of recognition. :-)

    We’re pretty easy-going on terminology, here. :-D

  11. I, not more than two seconds ago, emailed just such a file to . It’s a full cover so presumably should be cut down to front-cover-only for our nefarious purposes, but I think it should do. :)

  12. Any possibility that the new one will get a clue and start putting stuff out on mass market paperback instead of trade paperback?

  13. It’s not a matter of cluefulness. It’s a matter of trade paperback having a much higher profit margin, and for the books they’re continuing to put out in TPB instead of MMPB, their sales in TPB are continuously high enough to warrant the TPB format. *Believe* me, I understand just how frustrating it is, but until sales fall below a certain threshold, it makes more financial sense for the company to maintain the TPB format.

    And I gotta say, as a writer, I also get a lot more bang per book on TPBs, so I’m terribly, terribly grateful to everybody who keeps grinding their teeth and shelling out the higher price for the trades. :)

  14. No, it’s just because publishers have zillions of books lying around, and writers like to read. :)

  15. Deal! We’ll be back in parts Corky tomorrow so maybe we should start the round of ‘when are you free?’ email again then.

  16. And of course, for the ones like me, who hate to switch book sizes in the middle of a series, they manage to get us, too. Heh.

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