and the winnahs are…

, who requests a book for her friend starting chemo soon

, whose extravagant promises to pimp my ride (or whatever) made Ted and me both laugh aloud

, because the image of a grown man squeeing over the book is too good to resist

and win a the bonus rounds by way of 1. inflicting Incredibly Cute Kittenness on me, and 2. apparently using vast telepathic powers to keep the cats *quiet* this morning, which I am deeply grateful for. :)

All of you please email me your addresses (cemurphyauthor at gmail dot com). :)

11 thoughts on “and the winnahs are…

  1. Drat! You’ve developed immunity to the pandas. I need a new icon. :)

  2. Yes, we have to use *those* powers sparingly, lest an epidemic of diabetes follow in our wake …

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