and this, my friends…

…this is the sound of the author slamming into a brick wall.

Me, I have to do significant edits on paper. I’ve been able to add a couple scenes in, tighten up a bunch of writing, relatively minor stuff of that ilk, on screen, and I hadn’t really thought about having to take the printout and start really marking it up now that I have a clearer idea of what I’m doing with the story. I got through chapter 5 that way, and midway through chapter 6 went WHAM: too much to do to hold it in my head. Must go back to the printout and start cutting things (oh, God, the amount of stuff I have to cut) and start figuring out how to stitch it all together to put the new material in (oh God, the amount of new material I have to write).

I now have two printouts: the original draft from last week with its wee little markups on it, and the revision draft with the first six chapters. I’m a little leery of trying to mark up the entire original draft right now: I bet it’s smarter to go through the next three chapters or so and figure out how just the next *bit* works before I try to move past that. Right. So I’m off to do that, I am.

Boy. I had vague hopes of getting through chapter 10 by the end of the weekend. If I do that, man, I will be a god among men, I tell you. A veritable god among men.

ytd wordcount: 65,800
miles to Minas Tirith: 78


  1. sammywol

    I am sorry for you, poor impressed writer person, but have a feeling that by tomorrow night could end up feeling sorry for the wall. Go knock it to flinders you god amongst men you!

  2. jpsorrow

    This sounds suspiciously like what I’m doing at the moment. Hmm . . .

    I also came down to the “worry about the next few chapters and their fixes” first, then move on to the rest. So far, it’s been working. I think.

  3. mizkit

    but have a feeling that by tomorrow night could end up feeling sorry for the wall

    I hope so! But I have to write an entirely new chapter seven, or at least enough new scenes to constitute a new chapter whether they all actually end up in one chapter or not, and then after that…well, after that I’m a little fuzzy on the details. I may have to settle for getting through chapter 8, which, really, would be just fine. :)

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