and we’re off!

No one can believe it’s only Saturday. It feels like it must be about next Tuesday by now: The Con That Never Ended. There’s a startling amount of exhaustion going around, but everybody’s in a really good mood despite that.

, , Ted and I went out to dinner last night (I apparently made a lot of funny faces at , and Ted and foodgeeked a lot), and generally had a very good time, even if Michael complained about the looooooooong walk to the restaurant (it wasn’t that long. Less than 20 minutes at a pretty meandering pace.)

After dinner was the mass booksigning, and it was indeed a mass. Ted cut out after a bit and went to hang out with and other television writers; I hung around at the signing and (gratifyingly) had a few books to sign and several people stopped by to say they were really enjoying the books. :) I also got TIGANA signed by Guy Gavriel Kay, and got to tell him it was my favorite book and that it made me cry every time I read it, and he said, “I’m afraid that’s what’ll go on my tombstone: GUY KAY: HE MADE PEOPLE CRY.” But he was very nice and I was very happy to get a chance to gush at him a little. :)

Tammy brought me an *utterly gorgeous* 3×3 wall-hanging quilt that every time I see it I just beam all over again. I can’t wait to take a picture of it and show it off.

Duane Wilkins of the University Bookstore in Seattle is here! That’s a pleasant surprise! I owe him a hamburger, so maybe when we go through Seattle week after next I’ll be able to buy him one. :)

We have to head out to the con now, for Robert Buettner has a 10am reading that I want to go to. No doubt I shall post more tomorrow. *scoots*

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