angie’s fault

Okay, this is Angie’s fault. Here we have a photo of all the Rogue figurines I’ve collected, along with a map of which Rogue is which. This one and this one (as well as the correlating Gambit bust) are on order.

It’s all Angie’s fault. Somehow. I just know it is.

For something slightly less geeky and a lot cuter, here are Ted and Chantico a couple of weeks ago. Chanti is a lot bigger now. Oh, and Lucy taught Zilli her new trick. o.O

5 thoughts on “angie’s fault

  1. Ha ha ha, I’m so pleased. Like I said on my page, I love being a pusher, so blame me all you want. I already blame you for Ultimate X-men, though that’s not terribly even-sided. ^_^;;

  2. Hee hee. I want them to do an Ultimate X-Men Rogue. Although she’s only been in the story for like, 5 pages, so it might be a while. I want a Gambit, too. The UX Gambit is coooooool. Raar. :)

  3. The view of the kitties seem so much worse when they don’t have tails. Mrr. ;)

  4. I really really like the X-Men Evolution characterizations and looks. :)

  5. Yeah, the Evolution stuff is pretty cool. Except Spike, who is just a boy Marrow. :) But apparently the creators of the show came up with him All By Themselves and were Real Proud of Themselves until somebody said, “Uh, this is just like Marrow…” and they went *deflate* :)

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