anniversary & stuff!

Yesterday was our 6th wedding anniversary! We had a busy day. I got up late and had waffles what my wonderful husband made (and they were oh my god good, too) and we went shopping and then we came home and I brought Chanti for a walk (2.5 miles; oh, my aching, aching feet) and in a fit of something came home and did a bunch of raking while Ted was heroic and cleaned the kitty litter and vaccumed. There is an astounding amount of dog hair in this house. All that took until only a quarter to two, so after eating something and taking a v. long shower, I was forced to get my writing for the day done.

Then Ted and I went to Simon & Seafort’s and ate WAY TOO MUCH FOOD. Way too much REALLY GOOD food. Then, like bloated warthogs, we dragged ourselves to the movie theatre and watched Down With Love, which was amazingly bad. As a homage to the Doris Day/Rock Hudson films, which is what it was supposed to be, it was a great success, but as a watchable movie, wow, it was a disaster. It was just awful. Bad bad bad. Don’t go see this movie. :)

Came home, watched X-Men: Evolution (anybody know when that’s coming out on DVD? I want it!), and in a fit of wisdom, went to bed early.

Got up at 5am and swam 2500 yards.

Go me. :)

miles to Rivendell: 86.7
ytd wordcount: 132,160
miles to Mordor: 201.5

2 thoughts on “anniversary & stuff!

  1. Congrats on the anniversary…..
    Wow, it’s hard to realize it really has been SIX years……that means i’ve been in VA for almost six years….WHEW! time’s slipping by….

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