apropos of nothing

A few days ago I turned on some music tv channel and Vanessa Williams’ “Save The Best For Last” was playing. I’ve had it stuck in my head since then, which is vaguely annoying, but apparently not enough so to drive it out with the Imperial March. That’s not the point, though.

The chorus of that song is, “Sometimes the snow comes down in June, sometimes the sun goes ’round the moon.” Although I’m aware of that, I have always, since pretty much the first time I heard that song, sung, “Sometimes the sun goes down in June, sometimes the snow goes ’round the moon.”

Because, you see, for a girl who grew up in Alaska, it is no more unlikely that snow should go around the moon than it is that the sun should set in June.

That is all. :)

6 thoughts on “apropos of nothing

  1. try “the girl from ipanema”

    If you guys haven’t seen Beowolf yet would you like company?

  2. I didn’t go to sleep until 3am last night.

    And it’s ALL. YOUR. FAULT.

    Why, you may ask?

    Because yet again, you have written a book that I couldn’t stop reading. Grr. }:P

  3. My mind kept saying, just one more chapter, just ONE more… NINE CHAPTERS LATER, I finally was too tired to keep going. LOL

    Soooo… when’s the next one coming out? March? Ugh. Well, I have 4 other books on hand and 5 more on the way, I guess I’ll survive.

    “…the books breed.”
    HAHAHAHA, that explains why I have so many and need yet another 6ft bookcase then.}:P

  4. I have to wonder how you sing “Whiskey in the Jar” now. The only acquaintance I’ve met to grow up in Alaska was very prompt in telling me that the Blue Ridge / Appalachia did not actually qualify as mountains in her view because she grew up in Alaska!

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