ARGH! ARGH! *ARGH*! *ARGH*! I FROTH with jealousy! I *FROTH*. *FROTH FROTH*! My friend Lance has the BEST GIRLFRIEND IN THE WORLD and she got tickets to a Billy Joel/Elton John concert and they went last night and I’m SO JEALOUS! ARGH! *FROTH*! ARGH! AAARGH! *FROTH*!

*falls down and kicks feet* SO JEALOUS! *FROTH* *splutter*! *froth*!

In other news, as a reward for fixing bugs last night, I scanned in a comic’s worth of scans for every bug I fixed, and consequently I have about twenty-five new Gambit scans. I look happy.

Plus I had an apostrophe (that must have hurt!) and now I fear I’m going to have to do a ‘Kisses’ section on the Gambit site. Gambit has *all* the best kisses!

(I know. I’m *such* a geek. *laugh*)

2 thoughts on “ARGH

  1. The EJ portion of the concert was okay, but only okay. The BJ portion was fabulous, but too short. I had 7th row seats for their last show in DC, thanks to a friend with a spare ticket that he didn’t want to waste.

    EJ was sort of flat…it’s like he *expected* the audience to just adore him (which they did),. For the most part he just played the music and wore tacky clothes.

    BJ on the other hand, interacted with the crowd, acknowledging it, making a point to throw a bone to the folks with the crappy seats. He made jokes about balding…It’s not about losing hair, it’s about getting more head. *nudge, nudge* His band all seemed to be having tons of fun (only one of EJ’s crew really seemed to be having a ball). He’s got this fabulous African-American woman in the band who sings great gospel style, plays percussion and the guitar and the sax and is a mom….

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