Chantico has lost her mind. She won’t go out the back door anymore. I don’t know what the hell is wrong with her. It’s very, VERY annoying. I don’t want to /force/ her to go out the back door, because that’s just going to deepen whatever association she’s got with it being bad. Does anybody know anything about dogs? Does anybody know how the hell to fix this problem? Grnrngh. I’m pretty sure she’s afraid of the sprinklers that have been going in people’s backyards (they go tsch-tsch-tsch-tsch-tsch and she doesn’t like it; she stands outside with her tail between her legs, leaning towards the house), so maybe she’s just afraid of the backyard now, I don’t know. As soon as it’s nicer out again I’m going to try bringing her out and putting our sprinkler on and being out there for a while and trying to reassure her, but *man*, argh.

In other news, Geni just called in hopes I’d know how to get ahold of Emily who is now, we think, in Wales. Catie Murphy, International Messanger Service! So, Emily, if you happen to read this and haven’t talked to either Geni or Louise, call me. Or, well, one of them. :)

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  1. Patch

    Might depend on why she’s going into the backyard. Matt and Jen’s dog gets put outside when she’s being hyper and fussy, so she perceives it as punishment now, and only goes out willingly when either A) she has something to bury, B) she has to pee, C) there’s something interesting to go bark at, like small children or another dog.

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