So I watched Armageddon last night, which is the first time since Sept. 11th that I’ve watched a disaster movie.

To my surprise, it was actually somewhat less fun to watch meteors coming down and thrashing NYC than it had been previously. And I remember thinking, when I watched it in the theatre the first time, “*Wow*, that looks real!”, particularly when the top of the Empire State Building crashes to the earth and there are billowing clouds of dust and people running and screaming.

And I thought, like so many other people did, “Wow, that looks like a disaster movie,” when the WTC came down.

Except last night, watching Armageddon, I thought, “That doesn’t look real at all,” because I’d seen what it really looks like when a skyscraper collapses to the ground. And seeing the WTC with the top corner knocked off and smoking in the movie was sort of . . .

I hadn’t thought it would affect me.

2 thoughts on “armageddon

  1. While Mom and I went on our vacation last fall, one morning we caught the tail end of the Sandra Bullock rehab movie. (Seven Days?) We’d both seen it before, but not after the WTC came down.

    The end of the movie has her in NY, and shows the WTC. We both cried like babies. So, yeah, I think the WTC will be with all of us for a while.

  2. Yeah, I’ve been having that reaction just about every time I see something focused on the NY skyline. Watching the Spiderman trailer was wierd the way. You kept *looking*, but it wasn’t there.

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