art blog: fat lady with ax

Arright, from my last Saturday evening art zoom, and I did the thing I was talking about, working from a reference piece, doing a freehand sketch, then a quick trace, then trying the freehand again.

I like the energy of the first one best but the third one actually…turned out pretty well, even if it’s only blue lines. I didn’t think it was turning out well while I was working on it, but…it might not be bad, actually?

The model is Lauren Ashley, working with Adorka Stock Pose Reference for Artists, and I think she’s SO GREAT and I actually would like to do a finished drawing of one of these because I think she’s so much fun to draw and I’d like to, er, idk, do a good job for her. :) If I do, I’ll probably use the first sketch for my starting point, though, because I still think it’s cutest. :)

This was a LOT of fun and I want to do more of it. :D

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