art post: NOT-Saturday-sketches

I’ve been really, really busy and haven’t really made it to the Saturday night art zooms for a while, but I did buy a couple of new sketchbooks with the goal of filling them over the summer. One’s going to be a summer project with my son, I hope, just fast sketches stuff, and the other is a smaller one for me to just pick up whenever.

So I did a couple sketches this week. My rules were “no more than ten minutes and no erasing.” (Actually I did 3 but the one I like best/gave myself 20 minutes on is of a friend and I think they’d be uncomfortable with me posting it so I’m not, but if I get their permission, perhaps on a somewhat cleaned up version of the sketch, I’ll post it.)

The result is one drawing that looks so unlike the image I was drawing from that it’s embarrassing, and one that at least bears some vague resemblence to the model, and I’m posting them because my friend says it’s good for me (yes I’m going to keep blaming him until I’m more comfortable with it).

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