art blog: rogue and dancer

I did an art zoom last weekend.

I haven’t drawn anything in ages, partly, largely, from decision paralysis, but I had to draw SOMETHING for the zoom, so this is what I did. I feel very nervous and uncomfortable showing people. It’s about as good as I can do without trying digital shading or colouring, which I’m really bad at. I know the leg’s fucked up, but see above. :p

A couple days later, Stephen Blackmoore, who posts these ridiculous horoscope things, posted “Gemini: Today you will be possessed by the Spirit of The Dance and spread the sublime joys of polka across the land” and I misread it as “sublime joys of polka dots” and thought “ok I could draw that” but then I did something wrong and couldn’t draw on my layer anymore so this is as far as I got, and I posted it bc my friend Tade says it’s good for me.

Anyway so then today I was thinking about the upcoming art zoom and I remembered that a long time ago I had this drawing project I wanted to do, one which I still think has value for practicing.

The idea was to do 3 versions of a drawing: 1 freehand, 1 with a lightboard over the reference image, then the freehand again to see if the lightboard tracing, y’know, helped. I did a few, but it was a bother, because at the time, a lightboard was the only viable option for that sort of thing, shy of a projector. Because I’m old. But never mind that.

It just occurred to me, tho, that you can achieve the same ends with layers in drawing apps now tho, which is considerably easier than dealing with lightboards, so now I have to consider that as a possibility, especially if I’m going to be doing this art zoom with any kind of regularity.

I also think I should do more gesture sketchs, probably, if I want to improve, than trying to get it “right” like I was doing last week with the Rogue drawing, but in my defense, I was so decision-paralyzed it’s amazing I drew anything.

So. Um. Anyway. Yeah.