It is fairly clearly going to kill me to choose an artist to work with, if Chance goes forward. I’ve gotten two samples from the five artists I’ve narrowed it down to; one is very American Superhero, with a lot of fluidity and grace in the work. The other is angular and strong and at just a glance stands out from the crowd as a different style, which is appealing in and of itself. Email from a third promises roughs in the next couple of days, and *that* artist’s work is the epitome of Jim-Lee-style American Superhero, really clean lines and beautiful people, so I’m expecting sheer agony when I get those samples and have to decide.

Hm. Truth is, I expect it to be down to those three, I guess. The fourth is a real pro with a slightly more realistic bent to the latest of his work I’ve seen, and I really like what he does, but I don’t know if he’s going to have time to do samples. (The burden of being a professional artist!) Even if not he’s somebody I’d like to keep in contact with. The fifth is a solid artist whose stuff I’m not quite as excited about, but I do want to see what he comes up with.

Yeah. It’s gonna kill me. This is great. :)


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