astoundingly cool email

I got the most astoundingly cool email last night:

I just found your name from the Romantic SF website as a forthcoming author, and I thought you (or at least the title of your book) sounded familiar. When I was working at (publishing house name removed to protect the innocent, or something) (as an editorial intern) last year, I was going through the slush pile and I read a few chapters of a book with a main character named Joanne Walkingstick(?) who was a shaman, and there was a Celtic god in it (Cernunnos?), or something along those lines.

I had probably been through hundreds of unsolicited submissions before and none had ever really engaged me – but I immediately stuck a post-it note on it asking my immediate supervisor to please read it and if she ever requested the full ms, to let me read it, too. But I never heard anything about it afterwards.

I’m sorry I don’t remember your name, but was this manuscript yours? Did (my supervisor) ever contact you about it?

If it is yours, I am incredibly pleased to hear that Luna bought it, and that it will be published, because I was really excited after reading the first three chapters and I had hoped that (the publishing house) would acquire it.

So either way, best of luck to you, and I hope your books do well!

Isn’t that COOL!?


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