attempting to psych myself up…

I got up a couple minutes after 7 and wandered in to my office to start writing. Felt drowsy and considered going back to bed. Then the garbage men came and I had to run and put the garbage out, and then I thought, well, maybe I just need some fuel, so I had breakfast and checked my email, and, well, now I’m blog posting and am not feeling especially interested in working on my book. I think I’ve entered the Novelist’s Event Horizon. I’ve got just a bit over 20K to go on the book and I’d kind of just like to be done with it already. This would be a bit less mutter-worthy, perhaps, except I keep having Plans to get, you know, ZILLIONS OF WORDS written, and keep coming up around 3K. Nothing is wrong with 3K. 3K is in fact quite decent. It’s just that 3K a day won’t get the book done by Sunday, which I’d really like. However, unless I have a stupendous writing day in the next 72 hours, the book *won’t* be done by Sunday. Damn.

Yes, I know, my life is very hard.

Arright. I’ll go work now.

ytd wordcount: 294,800

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1 thought on “attempting to psych myself up…

  1. LOL! It happens to the best of us. Think of it this way — the world won’t end if it isn’t done by Sunday, right? (Right?! omg!)

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