Salat has some truly magnificent aurora photography.

This morning at about 10 after 9, the phone rang, and Emily’s friend Scott and I had an extremely weird conversation. I wasn’t awake, and the phone is right next to the fan in the room, so not only was I not awake, but I was having a hard time hearing him, and I couldn’t really remember for *sure* if Shanks was his last name anyway, and *he* didn’t know who he was calling, but kept saying, “You called me twice yesterday,” which made the whole thing even stranger. After three repetitions (the last of which I turned the fan off before), I deduced who he was, and said, “Oh! Scott! Hi! What can I do for you?”

And there was this pause, and he said, “Who is this?”

I said, “This is Catie! I didn’t call you!” Pause. “Emily probably did.”

Then *HE* went “Oh!” and apologized profusely for calling so early. I pointed out it wasn’t *that* early, since we’re only an hour behind, but he told me to go back to bed and said he’d call back much, much later. *laugh* After I got off the phone I deduced that probably Emily’d called yesterday and had not left a message but that his phone had recorded the number. So he had no idea he was calling Alaska, so he really didn’t need to be apologizing for calling so early. *laugh* It was pretty funny. :)

I went to the eye doctor yesterday and, get this, ORDERED NEW GLASSES. Pretty cool, huh? My vision keeps improving. My left eye, which I think started out a -2.00 when I got glasses a long time ago (holy cow! twenty years ago!), has improved to a -.75, which is a full two steps better than it was last year — which was a full two steps better than it was the time before /that/ when I’d had an eye exam. My right eye’s improved to a -2.5, which is the 2nd time i’ve been diagnosed with that — it used to be a -2.75, and might’ve been worse than that, originally.

I figure if I keep it up at this rate, by the time I’m forty, I’ll have perfect vision. :)

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  1. btw, if you want a proof-reader type person…..i happily offer my professional services :)

  2. Of course, then it will wrap right around and get wrose again :-p

  3. John! Hello!

    Well, yes, that’s the problem, by the time I hit 40 even if I have perfect vision I’ll probably start needing reading glasses or something. Not fair. :)

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