disabused of cherished notions

My parents have just been disabusing Deirdre and me of any notions we had that we were getting away with reading in bed as children. I’d actually been disabused of the notion a few years ago, but am being further disabused now, by Dad saying that he only knew we were doing it when Mom sent him downstairs to fling the doors open and shout, “AH HAH!” which even now makes me cringe in embarrassment and humiliation at getting caught. I didn’t know Mom *sent* him, sheesh. :) Deirdre, however,…

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hr redux

From HR: She just needs to understand that if we provide the carrier her spouse’s name and then something were to turn up later down the road and she falsified her application, then that is subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination. To HR: With regards to Denise’s response: _Anyone_ who falsifies an insurance claim is subject to disciplinary action, up to and including termination. Whether my last name is the same as my spouse’s is entirely irrelevant to that fact. I don’t think Denise is understanding the…

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DELETE DELETE DELETE! Ahahah. I have just deleted over 150 messages from my work inbox. That is very satisfying. DELETE DELETE DELETE! My poor QA guy keeps saying, “shit!” about things today. Vincent *very* rarely swears. He must be having a hell of a day. We’ve got quarterly releases to…night? Or tomorrow night. But yeah. Poor Vincent.

and more grrr

Email from HR this morning: You can let her know that we ask this of all employees who are adding dependents with different last names whether it be children or spouse’s. Because our policies do not allow anything but a spouse, we are permitted to request information. If we don’t do it, then the carrier will to make sure they aren’t insuring an ineligible dependent. So therefore, we do it so the employee doesn’t have to work directly with the carrier. My response: I understand why they’re making the request…

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good article

A couple of good articles on Salon, one about terrorist attacks and another about Afghani women and culture. Man, I’m *still* pissed off, when I re-read my last entry. *Man*. How *dare* they?