“Couldn’t sleep?”

“How could you tell?”

“You’re up.”

I have been awake since two fucking fifteen, when Ted’s fucking work called to tell him the server was down. For an hour I was too pissed to get back to sleep, and then the airport, which is less than two miles away, started doing I don’t know what the fuck, testing engines or something, which involves a pervasive, ear-aching, bone deep whine which may or may not be generally audible under the ambient noise of day to day life but which is certainly audible right fucking now. Our bedroom window, which I closed when I went to bed because of the whine, faces the airport, and is providing far too little insulation against the noise. In fact, the whole goddamned house provides too little insulation, as I can still hear it, like the drone of the world’s biggest soprano bee.

So I’m up, and going to work, because I’m so goddamned far behind at work and because I just want to get away from the fucking noise, that I might as well be at work if I’m going to be awake.

Really. *Really*. Bad mood.

“Doesn’t anybody sleep around here?”

“‘pparently not.”

Name the movie.

music: Common Rotation, Big Fear

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