awww awone!

I am aaawww awwone! Ted has flown off to Pittsburg for his work, and Shaun has been working ninety thousand hour (Title Wave is moving, and the contractors are lazy gits who haven’t gotten most of the work done, so Shaun’s been putting in *major* overtime) and it’s just me, two kitties and a puppy.

The latter of whom is chewing on a rock. Puppies are very weird.

Um. I don’t know much else. I’m supposed to go on a 120 mile bike ride, the fundraiser for the American Lung Association thing, this weekend, but I’m a little panicked as to what to do about Chantico. Shaun’s hours are too long for her to be locked up all alone. I might ask Mom and Dad if they can take care of her for the weekend. *wibble*



3 thoughts on “awww awone!

  1. I like the new look….

    And shouldn’t I be wishing you Happy Anniversary sometime in the next couple days….5th one isn’t it?

    Dang. time flies!

  2. PA. :)

    And yeah, Mary Anne, our anniversary is Saturday. Five years, ai!

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