I met the Jack Russell puppy who lives across from us. :) His name is Moby and he’s very squirmy and kept running and running and running around my ankle and getting his lead all wrapped around my ankle and then the cats came to the open door and Moby got very very VERY excited and wanted to go in to meet them and the cats were pretty darned curious and Lucy didn’t hiss! But we didn’t let him go in to actually meet them, and I closed the door behind myself so I could talk to Moby’s owner, whose name I did not learn (she was wearing bright yellow clogs and no socks; I shouldn’t have kept her as long as I did, ’cause I expect her feet were quite cold) and while we talked for a minute Moby and the cats LOOOOOOOOOOKED at each other through the window and I want a puppy!

1 thought on “Awww!

  1. So you have two cats who can jump 10 feet straight up from a standing start, so now you have to have a dog that can do the same thing? Glutton for punishment, that’s you.

    On the other hand, it would hardly be fair to have a dog that couldn’t…

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