back to the grindstone

Man. I’d been thinking of taking one more day off, to make it a full week off, but I donno. I’ve got to finish HEART OF STONE revisions, do THE PHOENIX LAW revisions, and write HOUSE OF CARDS before Matrice gets the COYOTE DREAMS revisions to me (those will be interesting. She says on the one hand the ms is really clean and on the other she’s got some issues, so she’s trying to balance those out. Since that’s kind of how I feel about it, that’ll be, well, interesting. Wonder if she’s got the same issues I do.) Oh, though if she gets the COYOTE notes to me in the time frame she says she might, I’ll end up doing those revisions before writing HoC. Either way. (Actually, that’d be just fine, because then I’d have no revisions left to crop up and interrupt me for several months while I was writing.)

I suppose there’s the argument that what’s one more day, right?

In that case, I’d better carpe diem and go outside to play. :)

2 thoughts on “back to the grindstone

  1. It’s hard for me to change old thought patterns.

    This means I /still/ see HoC and think: That’s… Heart of… Cone? Heart of Cthulhu? Heart of Candy?

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