bad catie! bad!

Okay, ch. 9 is rewritten. ‘Rewritten’ in this case includes copious use of cut and paste, but the final wordcount is 400 words more than the original chapter, and I did rather more than that in actual new words. I’m giving this chapter Edit Credit, which is 50% of the final number of words (since many of them *weren’t* rewritten), for 1500 words this morning. Tomorrow I will have to look at ch. 10 and see what kind of shape it’s in.

The other goal for today: finish the first damned chapter of TQB. -.-

Laura is rightfully scolding me for not walking, so goal #3 for today had better be to take the dog for at least a small walk, even if it’s cold outside. Heather, however, is better than me, and is doing *her* walking! *hopeful look* :)

Heather’s miles to Rivendell: 356


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