Bah. I don’t like Jess better after all. He wouldn’t go to the winter carnival with Rory. I can’t prefer anybody who won’t go have fun at a corny town festival. Sure, it’s dorky, but that’s half the point. So Jess lost all kinds of points there, and Dean won ’em, even if his sister is amazingly annoying.

I can’t believe they’ve made it halfway through third season and Luke & Lorelai haven’t had a date. This is impressive, in terms of stretching out sexual tension and romances on tv. Mind you, Luke is so *totally* non-proactive in asking Lorelai out that I’m not sure I have all that much sympathy for his breaking heart when she goes out with other men. Get in the ring, man!

Clearly I need a Gilmore Girls icon.

And a life. :)


  1. hzatz

    Are you sure that you want to be giving spoilers for stuff that Kit hasn’t seen yet?

    I note that my wife and I are also walking through the old episodes. I’ve already seen them, but they’re new for her. We’re one episode shy of the end of season three… so Kit will probably catch up sometime soon.

  2. mizkit

    Kit tends to feel that, while it’s nice to avoid spoilers if she can, when TV has been out for several years, if she gets spoiled then, well, that’s what she gets for not watching it when it was aired.

    I suspect I’m more phlegmatic about TV spoilers than many people due to having spent four years listening to avid Wednesday-morning Buffy discussions and getting play by play plot details before I ever watched the show. Besides, I accidentally read in another discussion thread a comment about Dean that certainly trumps the above commentary in spoiler content. :)

  3. mycroftca

    First, it’s pretty obvious in the storyline that the writers intend Luke and Lorelei to get together, so I don’t really think that’s a spoiler. Secondly, I didn’t tell her WHAT the sixth season ending was, now, did I?

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