Bah. I slept really really badly last night. I flopped and turned and flopped and drifted without really sleeping, and woke up repeatedly, and finally looked at the clock, thinking that if it was around 5am as I suspected it might be, I might just get up, because I wasn’t getting any decent sleep anyway.

It was 3. :P

So I flopped and tossed and turned some more and eventually got some pathetic amount of sleep and blah. Yucko.

OTOH, I got my leavebehind I was supposed to write written, and Sarah got hers written, and I converted my screenplay Nothing Ventured to Final Draft and sent it off to Nichole, and . . . well. We’ll see what happens next. If I’m lucky she’ll want me to re-write it. :)

Uh. Other than that, I donno anything.

1 thought on “bah

  1. Ick. I hate it when that happens.

    I hope you get better sleep tonight.

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