Jim’s latest Dresden book, WHITE NIGHT, is currently #5 on the New York Times Bestseller list.

AHAHAHAHAHAHAH! *stupid beaming idiot grin*!

As was saying last WFC, “I now have a new first name. I will now be eternally referred to as New York Times Bestselling Author Steven Brust.” (We had a really good time introducing him to anybody who came near the table as New York Times Bestselling Author Steven Brust, in fact. *giggles*)

I must get somewhere where Jim is so I can spent a lot of time introducing him to people as New York Times Bestselling Author Jim Butcher.



  1. rfrancis

    He does, but he never POSTS TO IT. Anyway. , go figure.

    HOWEVER, I had no idea that one of my WRITING ICONS*, Steven Brust, has a livejournal! SO added.


    * Hero. Not a livejournal icon. You know.

  2. jacob_day

    Hey, credit where credit is due, a lot of us Bookstore Commandoes helped him get where he is today.

    (My company had only ordered 2 copies of White Night for our store… I HAD to intervene… WTF were they THINKING?)

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