be it resolved

Be it resolved:

1. to write 400K words of fiction
2. to bike 2000 miles
3. to swim 120 miles
4. to draw 100 drawings
5. to read 104 books
6. to lose 30 pounds

Here is a little graphic thingy I made to try to keep track of percentages of goals attained. I’ll color the bars green as I move towards my goals, and I’ll update it once a week. People should remind me! :)


3 thoughts on “be it resolved

  1. Good luck! I’m certain that you will attain your goals!

    The layout looks really neat, by the way. :)

  2. Weird. Sorry about the LYFA issues. There were some db things that needed to be fixed after the hacker visited. looks like this was one of them. Should be okay now though.

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