*beam* Thanks, everybody who’s responded to my shout-out. I want to sit down and take some time to respond to everybody and say hello and stuff, but right now I’m paying by the minute for internet access and more to the point, I’ve got to go home and edit the entire THUNDERBIRD FALLS manuscript by noon my time tomorrow, so that’s a little more pressing. :) But it’s really cool to hear from people who’ve been lurking and I don’t even know about them! (I didn’t know you were reading my blog, for example, Renaldo.)

We’ve gone down to Carlow Town again today and gotten Ted in-country officially. That went very smoothly and the man there is very nice and made us laugh quite a lot. Ted’s passport picture looks like a terrorist, it really does, his hair’s long and he’s got a beard and it’s all just very eeek!, and the man double-took at it and said, “Not that I’d be profiling…” :) There’s more to talk about (he recognized me as the writer who’d come in with Shaun a few weeks ago, and that garnered several questions and a considering pause before, “That’s okay, then,” and we moved on), but I might’ve mentioned this edit that needs doing by 12 my time tomorrow… :)

The *good* news is the FIREBIRD DECEPTION edits I thought I was also going to have to do, like, this weekend, aren’t due til like the 25th. Those shouldn’t be too extensive anyway, but yeesh, I’m glad I don’t have to do them by Monday!

what else, what else what else. oh! I got a fan letter along with the TBF manuscript. that was pretty neat. :) and…yes, well, okay, anything else can wait until this edit is done. It’s kind of eating my brain. O.O

oh, I know the other thing I’d been going to say. I read THE CARDINAL RULE on the train yesterday, and it was really rather odd. I knew the story, obviously, and there were places I recognized myself as the writer quite clearly, but overall it was almost like reading a book someone else had written. There were still bits where I thought, “Mm, should’ve fixed that,” and things like that, but mostly it was almost like I hadn’t written it. *Very* odd. Ted said, “Welcome to writing with a different voice. Alisha is *not* Jo,” which I *knew*, but still, reading it in an actual book form was–yeah. Very odd!

Okay. to home and to work now. :)

miles to Mount Doom: 325


  1. WyldFlamingo

    Ok, been dying to ask what “Miles to Mount Doom” is. Hopefully not something I could have easily discovered on the site somewhere, had I employed any investigative powers. :-)

  2. Rhonnie

    YUP :) Here I am! OHH Good News! I finally found one of your books, YEAH!! Freddy’s actually had Cardinal Rule. Now if I ever get two minutes to myself (NOT LIKELY) I just might read it. As you know I never was much the romance reader (gasp!) but I just might give it a try. Again if I get a chance to read again. Right now my only existance other than work is “MOM this and MOM that” :) But hey at least I have a copy….it is missing one thing though… ;o)

  3. Catie

    *laughs at Rhonnie* Told you Freddy’s would have it. You can order the others through Amazon, too. I should be back in Alaska some time this fall, and I’ll come down to Kenai and we can get togteher. :) Anyway, it’s not really much of a romance, I gotta tell you. More of a spy novel. I think you’ll like it. :)

    Flamingo–check out the link to Eowyn’s Challenge on my sidebar. essentially, the last ocuple of years I’ve been walking the distance between Bag End and Mount Doom! :)

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