Bed! Bed! Bed!

What the photo doesn’t properly show is that the top of the mattress is square with my hipbone in height. The bed actually has little steppy things so you can get up into it, but they cost $99 each and we didn’t have that right now. :) But it’s cool! And it has under-the-bed storage! Two drawers on each side, and a Square Box on each side, and the door on the end there opens up and there’s a 6′ long empty space between the drawer sets! Perfect for losing cats in!

Yay! Bed! The rough draft of the house is now done! :)

3 thoughts on “bed!

  1. That thar be a purdy sharp lookin’ bed, miz catie. :)

    Be sure your cats done get in it! You won’t see them for *weeks*!

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