been a long week, somehow

I don’t know why, but it’s been a long week. But the proposal for the fifth Walker Papers is turned in, and I’ve given up on NNWM. I’m going to write the Morrigan short story next week, and if I get done with that before the end of the week I’ll go back to NNWM and do as much as I can, but copy edits for PRETENDER’S CROWN are due in, and Dublin City Comic Con is next weekend, assuming I get paid. Well, it’s next weekend even if I don’t get paid, but we won’t be going if I don’t. :) Anyway, so maybe I’ll see about doing as big a chunk of TRUTHSEEKER in December as possible. Because that always works, what with the holidays and all. :)

I think I actually *am* going to take the weekend off. Read a couple books, maybe make some icons. But not work. My brain is tired.

Random icon question: I want to do a set of mood icons. I’ve seen them in various sizes, ranging from V. Tiny (which I won’t be doing) to almost-100×100 size. Do people have any kind of actual preference for mood icon sizes?

– email *more* to FPI
– write Morrigan short story
– read & comment on other short story
– send photo to CI guy

ytd wordcount: 350,500
miles to Dunharrow: 6.8

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