so clumsy! fingers are thick and cold, been out berry picking since 5:30 this morning, ai! we picked SEVEN QUARTS of raspberries! SO tired! so giggly. *laugh* SEVEN QUARTS. and i saw a coyote! he looked at me! i looked at him! he looked EXTREMELY alarmed! he ran away! emily and dad didn’t see him! just me! very cool! lots of exclamation points! many corrections of typos, too. fingers are thick and clumsy. cluuuuuummmmmmmsy. but yesterday we picked THREE quarts of berries before the nasty flies chased us off, and so now we have TEN quarts and wow are my fingers tired.

more breakfast. need to have more breakfast. but first i must say that i biked 16 miles in 75 minutes last night, very smug about that. hauled ass, i did. there was this guy i neded up right behind and for a little while i was right on his ass and then he pulled away and he was like mr. skinny dude so i knew i’d never kee up but pi thought i’d try, and so i beiked the trip to kincaid park a lot faster than i’d normally do (go me) and of course he was on the way back down by the time i managed to get to the top of the hill, but still, that’s ok, and then i vroomed home really fast too, except for the part where i stopped to drink water and admire the view and when i got back on my bike i swong um leg over the seat only mised and slammed my whole shin into the back tire, which made me think “that’ll leave a mark.” :)

ok, i need more breakfast and a shower and then to meet and fix bugs. blah, bugs. but yay breakfast! panckakes!

*staggers off*

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  1. oh my yes, it did. several marks, in fact. I have a lumpy bruise and a not lumpy bruise and some red marks. poor me!

    but it was a very kick-ass bikeride!

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