*best* husband!

I have the VERY BEST husband! Since we moved into this house, I’ve been missing my leather clogs what I bought at the v. expensive shoe store in Santa Cruz. They are v. splendid clogs and fit my fat feet perfectly. I loves them, I do. But I couldn’t find them. And Ted has found them for me! I am happy! Yaaaay!

It’s been a busy day. Got up late. Made bread. Shopped. Got a new jug (which immediately got chipped. sigh. Shaun fixed it, but this relationship is clearly doomed.) Got Harry Potter. Went to the post office & sent the VP app and the S&3 to the agent who’s looking for paranormal. Made carrot cake. Cleaned the kitchen. Checked the mail. Had a rejection letter from F&SF. The fools, the fools.

Must go shake the cakes out of their pans. And then I will veg until 5, shortly after which I expect people to begin arriving. :)

*Best* husband. *beam*

2 thoughts on “*best* husband!

  1. OH! F&SF!

    AND! your husband made a superb dinner – with very good food to boot!

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