Okay, that’s better. Got my hundred and ninety eight pages printed out, read (edited some), and got my timeline straight. I now know I’m on day four and I believe I have three days left. I hope Jo gets a chance to sleep: writing about her when she’s this tired makes me yawn a lot. :)

Furthermore, re-reading has allowed me to remember some things I need to pick up in the next several chapters, so that’s also good. And boy. I’ve done huge amounts of re/new-writing, and as I was finishing up what I’d read, I realized I still haven’t gotten to this Very Important Bit that’s already written but hasn’t been worked back in yet. It was originally in ch. 15, and it *looks* like it might go into the new 17. Which is good, because originally it felt like it was coming too early in the story, and now that’s getting all straightened out. I said to Ted, “I feel a lot more like I’m writing a story now than I did last time I read this (a month ago).” He said, “Good. That’s exactly what you said with URBAN SHAMAN.” I have more or less no recollection of this, but he says writing this book is going exactly writing US did. That’s good, ’cause it means the rest of it should go pretty easily, since once I got all the screw-ups in US fixed, it was pretty easy to write. :) Whatever would I do without Ted to remind me of these things!

Mmm. I just made a fresh loaf of bread, and Ted’s browning a pork roast that he’s going to turn into pulled barbeque pork sandwiches this evening. Mom’s making baked beans and they’re coming over for dinner. Mmm. Yuuuuummmmmy. The house smells good. :)

Okay. Off to run errands, and then I gotta come home and get my 1100 words written. Should be able to pull it off now. Yay! :)

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