better. not well.

Better today. Not well, but better. I’ve managed to lose three pounds. Heh. o.o

Sadly, one of the lights in the office is out, and I’m afraid if I try to change the light I’ll get dizzy and fall over, so I’m sort of sitting around in the semi-dark (I actually turned the overhead off and turned Ted’s florescent desk lamp on; now it’s buzzing, sigh).

I need to go downstairs and get 1. food, 2. aspirin, 3. water. I’m feeling very much as if I don’t write things down right now, I may never accomplish them. I also need to pay bills, try emailing Tor again, and figure out what paperwork I need to send my 401k people to prove I bought a house with the loan I took out against my 401k.

Oh yes. Here are some pictures of the moose who visited our nice green backyard yesterday. o.O

5 thoughts on “better. not well.


    my christmas chant:

    Snow…snow… Snow…snow…

    * * *

    * * *

    * * *** * *

    * * *

    * * *

    Well, the moosies are cute at least.

    Snow…snow… Snow…snow…

  2. OOps… that wasn’t supposed to turn out looking like well, something pornographic.

    It WAS a snowflake. :o/

    Oh, well.

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