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Actual new words today! 1100 of them! Revising never feels much like new words, so I am triumphant in having achieved New Words. I am certain my old words were the wrong ones, so I hope these new ones are the right ones. :)

I brought the list of things what need fixing over to the estate agent today, but it turns out that we also don’t know how to turn on the furnace/get hot water at the house, so I’m going to have to stop by again tomorrow, or call, and say, ‘Help!’

…I must have this wig. Obviously. *shakes a tiny fist at Kate*

ytd wordcount: 209,500
miles to Minas Tirith: 505

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1 thought on “bits & bobs

  1. Well,
    how to start….looking up old friends from the penninsula, and I find a reference to Bill Arroz in your back issues from Aug 2001. I do a little research, and find that even our little hamlet has placed its meaningful mark on the world’s stage. Congratulations on your success, although you probably do not remember me…at the end of high school Bill and I were near inseperable, but since college, work, etc. have widened the gap. Congratulations again,
    Dan Grimes

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