What a stellar morning this is turning out to be. I failed to prevent the dog from crapping on the carpet, but did manage to ruin my breakfast, because oatmeal just does not reheat well, and I had to throw the damned dog outside again. Also, poor Zilli was being chased by Chantico and Zilli jumped up on the counter to get out of the way and then realized I was there and went OH SHIT! and jumped back down to where the dog could chase him again. Poor kitty.

Chantico chased Lucy upstairs into a corner of the bedroom. The kiddie gate is getting bent out of shape from Chanty jumping at it. It also doesn’t actually prevent her in the slightest from getting out, if she wants to, now.

I felt so sorry for the poor cats that I gave them the leftover milk in my cereal bowl this morning. The astute among you will deduce that I didn’t last very long on my frootivore diet. I ended up with upper-belly cramps last night (I /expected/ lower-belly cramping), and only belatedly considered the fact that given how little fruit I eat, that suddenly throwing nothing but fruit into my system was perhaps not the brightest idea. I think I need to eat more fruit in /general/ before I try this again (fortunately, I’ve still got apples and oranges and (glick) a banana up there). So maybe I’ll give it another whirl next week, or maybe I’ll just train myself to eat apples instead of cookies. Apples must be morally superior, right?

Anyway, so I went to bed at about 7:30 last night because my tummy hurt and I was feeling incredibly pathetic and lame. I didn’t need 11 hours of sleep, and thus slept somewhat fitfully, and my back is somewhat achy, whine whine whine.

The cats are now upstairs being bad. I am almost happy about this, because their version of bad doesn’t involve crapping on the carpet.

3 thoughts on “blah.

  1. Bad day!

    Now brief scolding from the nutritionist side o’ the Laura:

    Don’t do that diet again! It’s almost as notgood for you as the REALLY bad all-protein diets. It’s a LOT better for your body to eat more fruits and veggies in general (at least 5 servings per day) and to substitute them for fats and non-complex carbs (i.e. white flour anything– whole wheat and other whole grains are okay) in your diet. It’s also a veryvery good idea to decrease your meat intake, eat more beans (lower fat, high fiber which makes things…er…process faster, still high protein), and the tip I’ve found most useful of all, don’t drink many flavored beverages, other than tea. It’s amazing how many calories one can tack onto a day even with healthy beverages like juice and milk, much less soda. But no all-fruit diets! These are not good for Caties, and certain Lauras want certain Caties intact for when said Lauras come a’visitin’.

    *steps off her soapbox*

  2. Poor, poor Catie. Poor cats. Poor everyone! Now isn’t the time to starve yourself.

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