Blah. I am very, very tired of working on this site. Very tired. It launches the 9th. By then I’ll probably be homicidal. :P

Chanti and I went out for a walk and Cooper, the extremely cute husky puppy who lives next door, was out. That’s okay, except his owners don’t keep him on a lead when he’s just hanging around outside, and of course he and Chanti want to PLAY (which means Chanti bowls him over, because he’s still sufficiently smaller than she is for that to happen) and because he’s not on a lead he can just FOLLOW and keep PLAYING.

It’s very frustrating. :/ I eventually enlisted a five year old to hold onto Cooper’s collar until I got around the corner of the buildings with Chantico.

I want a vacation. :P

2 thoughts on “blah.

  1. Come visit me, come visit me! Vacations here are good! You could go see the fishes with me! Or the big sailboats! Or the pretty university in Rhode Island! Or just play and hike and eat good, good-for-you food!

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