Completely suckful night. Didn’t really get to sleep until well after 12:30, despite going to bed around 11:15, and slept very badly once I /did/ get to sleep. Not being able to roll over — which I literally can’t right now — doesn’t make for a lot of instant comfort. And even more suckfully, the chiropractor’s not open again until Friday, so I get to have a headache and a hideously stiff neck for the next two days, barring some sort of unlikely release.

I discovered last night that I hadn’t eaten lunch yesterday. I got the email from Anna two or three bites into my casserole, and lost my appetite, so I put it in the fridge so I could eat it later. Instead, thinking I’d had lunch, when I got hungry again, I had dessert. Ted got all confused because there was a plate of casserole as well as the remaining stuff in the pan in the fridge last night when he got home after class, and I realized then that I hadn’t eaten lunch at all. Silly me. :)

Today I’m learning how to eat left-handed. It’s awkward as hell. :)

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  1. Catnip tea and chamomile tea are mild muscle relaxants. I drink those when my neck threatens to sieze on me. Alcohol works too but you’d have to stay mildly tipsy for a while.

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