I got about 60 pages done, up to page 250 (well, 247, close enough), with one entirely new chapter that replaces the old one that just wouldn’t work. The transition scene’s still rough going into the next bit, but I can smooth it out. The next scene I have to rewrite is okay as it is, but should be really painful and explosive when I’m done rewriting it, which should make the follow-up scene which needs comparatively little work all the more powerful. I hope. I need to work at least one more confrontation with another character in, which should replace a chapter that’s currently in place, and then I have to cut away the parts that make the end too easy and make it harder.

The final chapter, at least, while it needs some cosmetic work, will mostly get to stay as it is. That’s something, anyway.

I spent far, far too much time today talking about Chance with my friend Spidey. My confidence in myself as a comic writer is now badly shaken and I wonder if I know what I’m doing at all. Or if I can convince someone else I know what I’m doing. *wry look* I’ll get over it, probably. I do need to remember I’m doing this for myself as much, or possibly more, than anything else, at this stage. Except, of course, I do want to create a publishable story (which means, one that somebody else will pick up the production costs for).

I should stop thinking now, and go to bed so I can get up and do another big chunk of book tomorrow.

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  1. I really admire your writing. Your stories are great! I can’t write to save my life so I really admire your ability. Keep up the great work.

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