blog vs newsletter: fight!

The difference between the blog (this) and the newsletter (over here, and you should sign up for it if you haven’t bc…bc I said so… o.o):

The blog is just that. It’s whatever’s on my mind today (or possibly last week, depending on whether I’ve scheduled a post ahead of time or not). Daily life, nothing necessarily news-oriented. It has movie and book reviews which, despite the name ‘picoreview’ for movies, can go on at some length, and it has me flailing about stuff, and, you know, good stuff like that. It will also have release day news when I remember, and promotional stuff for my friends’ books when they come out (when I remember), but it’s not business-oriented in any particular way.

The newsletter, however, IS business-oriented. For those of you who aren’t subscribed, it’s got three parts: Just The Facts at the top with all the latest releases or preorders, followed by Behind The Scenes where I talk about what I’m working on and occasionally about my mental state regarding it, and A Bit of Chat, in which I give very short reviews of what I’ve been reading, watching, doing, and what books friends have out. So it’s like a distilled blog: the highlights reel, as it were.

So I’ll be delighted if you sign up for the blog subscription (over on the right column on the desktop site, scroll toward the bottom on a mobile), because I’d like to re/build a community here (god how i miss livejournal), but the newsletter is the super important one for professional news. :)

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