*boggle* It’s 54 degrees out. The sun is shining gently. The wind is blowing strongly. The birds are flying around all twitterpated. There is no snow anywhere. This is incredibly weird.

So I have this recurring action adventure dream, and last night in the middle of the dream, I thought, “Hey, if the protagonist in this was female (for some reason I’m always a guy in that dream), I could make this into a book for that new book line.”

What new book line? This new book line:

Silhouette Bombshell is launching July 2004 with four books a month, one of which will be a continuity (at invitation only at this time). These are heroine-driven, female action/adventure stories. Think Alias or Lara Croft in Tomb Raider. Geena Davis in the Long Kiss Goodnight. Demi Moore in GI Jane. The emotional experience in this book is the thrill factor as reader watches the uniquely skilled heroine get out of the precarious, often high stakes situations she finds herself in. Every book will have a romance, but the romance is the subplot–it is the heroine and her “kick ass” life/thrilling plot that drives the story. Though books don’t need to necessarily end in marriage, there needs to be a commitment to move the relationship to the next level, whether that be a first kiss, new awareness between the couple or even married couple, or marriage. Authors to read for examples of this type of heroine: Maureen Tan, Linda Barnes, Laura Lippman, Janet Evanovich. Sensuality level is up to the author–everything from closed door to super sexy allowed. Can be written in first or third person.

Word count: 80,000 words. I’m looking for new authors. New voices and veterans. If an author is already working with an editor, she should submit to that editor. Otherwise, send projects to: Lynda Curnyn, Editor, attn: Bombshell

In my *dream*, I thought this. Sheesh!

6 thoughts on “*boggle*

  1. Think you might just be a teensy bit single-minded lately?

    Nah…… :)

    I’m envious of your weather! You get 54 degrees, we get six inches of snow! The gods are certainly mocking us.

  2. Aw! When I read that, I thought “I could do that!” I guess that should have told me it was a dream right off. :)

    I also thought “Hm, the story that the bit with the angel and the pirate should expand into might fit…” but don’t think the potential romance there would appeal to a traditional romance publisher.

    If you’re a freak, I’m a freak too!

  3. Anything off the cuff that has fantasy/futuristic/paranormal non-traditional romance in it might be good for Tor. They’re even taking same sex stuff.


    And, you know me, Catie. I am innocent and COMPLETELY not to blame.

  4. I’m thinking of doing that! I was just sort of boggled that in the midst of the dream, I *thought* of doing that. :)

  5. you’ve heard people say that their dreams were trying to tell them something haven’t you? :)

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