Ted and I just went to Die Another Day, which was a lot better than I expected it to be! It was too long, but it actually had a reasonably good plot, and Halle Berry kicked ass. Oh, and the opening song sequence was inspired. It actually had something to /do/ with the story, and it was interwoven in a very cool way, plus, y’know, all the usual pyrotechnics. Really nicely done. This may have been the first time I really enjoyed watching Brosnan as Bond.

But man, I still think Adrian Paul should be the next Bond.

And I decided I wasn’t going to write tonight. So there! Nyah! I wrote yesterday when I wasn’t going to, so tonight I’m not going to! Hah! Take that!

I really, really don’t need to go register, do I?

2 thoughts on “Bond!

  1. Let’s start with and raise some money for this worthy cause. When you do that, I’ll register and we’ll all be happy.

  2. 1. I think Adrian Paul can act.

    2. Even if he couldn’t, acting isn’t exactly a prerequisite for being Bond.

    3. JMS killed B5; Claudia can’t act, and she shoulda made a decision about whether she’d be back for season 5 more rapidly, but JMS should’ve killed Ivanova, not Marcus, when there was a question about whether or not Christian’d be back.

    4. There is no #4.

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