Ted and I just went to Die Another Day, which was a lot better than I expected it to be! It was too long, but it actually had a reasonably good plot, and Halle Berry kicked ass. Oh, and the opening song sequence was inspired. It actually had something to /do/ with the story, and it was interwoven in a very cool way, plus, y’know, all the usual pyrotechnics. Really nicely done. This may have been the first time I really enjoyed watching Brosnan as Bond.

But man, I still think Adrian Paul should be the next Bond.

And I decided I wasn’t going to write tonight. So there! Nyah! I wrote yesterday when I wasn’t going to, so tonight I’m not going to! Hah! Take that!

I really, really don’t need to go register, do I?


  1. Thenomain

    Let’s start with and raise some money for this worthy cause. When you do that, I’ll register and we’ll all be happy.

  2. kit

    1. I think Adrian Paul can act.

    2. Even if he couldn’t, acting isn’t exactly a prerequisite for being Bond.

    3. JMS killed B5; Claudia can’t act, and she shoulda made a decision about whether she’d be back for season 5 more rapidly, but JMS should’ve killed Ivanova, not Marcus, when there was a question about whether or not Christian’d be back.

    4. There is no #4.

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