I have read 159 books this year, an average of 3 a week, which is a whole book more a week than my stated goal. Pretty cool. :)

2 thoughts on “books!

  1. i totted up my number…..168 in 2001 (avg. of 14/month), which is down an average of a book a month from the 7 months in 2000 for which i kept a count (107 total, which was an average of 15 books/month). Of course in 2000, some of those books were books for school, and consequently were only thoroughly skim-read (but i did not count textbooks, or ones i only read a chapter or two out of) nor does any of this include magazines or catie’s “Immortal Beloved” which I’m working my way through (when i remember to print out chapters at work)

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