bookstore accidents galore

Every time we’ve gone into a bookstore here we’ve come out with piles of books. Today I picked up Kari Sperring’s LIVING WITH GHOSTS; a couple days ago I got Ursula Vernon’s 2nd DRAGONBREATH book and Ted picked up DB Jackson’s THIEFTAKER. Yes, everything we’ve bought on this trip, except at the used bookstore, has been by people we knew. :)

And at the used bookstore, I got 3 of the Starbridge novels I foolishly decided to get rid of last year because I knew I was going to buy them digitally and thought I didn’t need the hard copies anymore. I have been regretting it since, so upon seeing the books I got ’em. And I got a few cozy mysteries, but restrained myself manfully and *only* got ones where I could find the first book in the series, so I put several back. *looks noble*

We may have to pack an entire box of books to mail home, though, because jeez, bookstore accidents galore.

We also brought books *to* the used bookstore, and ended up with $100 in credit ($20 of which we, and by “we” I mostly mean “I”, immediately spent), so it appears we’ll be forced to come back to Fairbanks sometime to finish spending that. :)

In other news:

– my mother-in-law scared up four complete sets of TAKE A CHANCE for me, so now I’ve got more to send out. #determined

– I found a book on how to braid rugs at the used bookstore. I got it, because as I said to Ted, “I read about braiding rugs in the Laura Ingalls books, and I always wanted to try it,” and the girl behind the counter, with whom I had already bonded over…some other topic while I was giving them our old books to sort through…said, “Me too! So I tried doing it just by myself (“So did I!” I proclaimed) but it turned out to be something I had to look up to learn how to do, so I did and now I’m working on one! I don’t know how they ever had enough cloth back then, it takes TONS!” So clearly she and I are kindred spirits. That was neat. :)

– I have read 6 books, seen 4 movies in the theatre, and written 20,000 words while on holiday. I feel pretty good about this.

– We went through boxes of Stuff again (as might be guessed by the books we decided to bring to the used bookstore). Among the gems I discovered was the (speaking of Starbridge) 4 page letter AC Crispin wrote me after I wrote her a fanmail, and the rejection letter for IMMORTAL BELOVED, the Highlander novel I sent to my eventual QUEEN’S BASTARD editor back in 1999. :)

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