(Note how I carefully did not say “all the baggage.”) We have acquired an unusually vast amount of stuff to take home, this trip. We had come prepared with an extra suitcase, but we’ve still ended up borrowing one to bring home. Once we’ve dispersed the loot amongst the family it won’t be so dramatic […]

It has been a very, very busy several days. A very EXCITING several days, from Young Indiana’s point of view. Friday he got to go hang out with his cousins for a few hours. Saturday his Nana and Papa arrived. Sunday was his birthday (“NOW I am four years old, Mama!”) and the whole fam […]

After what was admittedly the smoothest, fastest possible series of flights from Alaska to Dublin–a mere 13 hours in the air, with 1-hour layovers in Minneapolis and JFK, so we basically were getting off one plane and on another–we are home, and completely wrecked. Even the fastest possible flight times is a lot of hours, […]

Every time we’ve gone into a bookstore here we’ve come out with piles of books. Today I picked up Kari Sperring’s LIVING WITH GHOSTS; a couple days ago I got Ursula Vernon’s 2nd DRAGONBREATH book and Ted picked up DB Jackson’s THIEFTAKER. Yes, everything we’ve bought on this trip, except at the used bookstore, has […]

I have remembered that the reason I was so fond of biking in Alaskan summertime is that when biking, unlike when walking, I was moving faster than the goddamned mosquitoes. My goodness, Monday turned out to be a 5K day! Tuesday: At B&N for a Writing Blitz. I have no net connection (deliberately) so I […]